What do your Eyelashes say about you?

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I recently came across an article in a Sunday Magazine – “the telltale differences that show who you are” and so wanted to share with you an insider’s point of view.

The quality of eyelash extensions has improved incredibly over the years, and now can last much longer to give you that sumptuous look that can be seen by many celebrities on the red carpet.  In fact our 007 eyelash extensions are so incredibly soft and light they have an added bonus of lasting even longer.

However, it is a known fact that whether you have false lashes or eyelash extensions, some women still believe it will put them into a certain type of category as an individual – Posh or Chav!

POSHFalse Lashes: Not a complete no-no, but keep it natural looking.
Eyelash extensions:  When done properly through one of our Salons, the effect can leave you looking effortlessly “done” even without makeup.  They subtly enhance your own lashes and are much longer lasting.

CHAV – Lashes:  Big and fake is beautiful. Many like feathers or diamante-encrusted styles. It’s like life through bling tinted spectacles. This may appeal to quite a few, and it does give a particular type of look without a doubt.

Having been in the eyelash extensions beauty industry for a large number of years, I can honestly say that one size does not fit all.  We are all individuals who like our look to effectively become our own signature – a statement if you like about who we are and how we feel, which is so, so important.  Eyelash extensions can make us feel a million dollars and give us the confidence to hold our head up high, so whatever your choice – if it makes you feel good then it’s worth it!

If you would like more information on eyelash extensions – please contact me at info@ahfrancis.com

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