Throughout the growth of AHFrancis, I’ve always lived by certain values. Every member of my team is aware of them and do their job with these values as a focal point in their service to you.

Our values are:


We encourage all our clients to be the best they can be by offering business and technical support.


We take responsibility for doing the maximum we can to make our clients successful. We never turn a blind eye to any problems or issues they may experience with our products and services.


We keep our word and do what we say. We believe in what we sell and never sell anything we don’t believe will help you do great treatments and run a successful business.


We recognize when things are not working and make changes. “The definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. We aim to make changes where necessary to ensure smooth operations and create successful products and services for the benefit of our Lashpreneurs.


We care about each other and our Lashpreneurs from the heart.

My ethos is no fuss, no fad treatments and products that say what they do on the tin. I don’t believe in fluffing things up to make them look different in order to charge more. I believe that clients want straight forward results and that we should be honest and realistic about how long treatments take, and who is suitable for which treatments.

That way we build integrity with our clients and help them by offering realistic treatments.

The consultation is fundamental to any eyelash service so that you can discuss with the client what is possible with her natural lashes and lifestyle.

If you always follow these guidelines, you’ll have happy clients that keep coming back and recommend you to all their friends and family.

I look forward to serving you.

With love