“The ability to cultivate and appreciate beauty greatly enhances one’s ability to heal and enjoy life at every level” David Wolfe

Everyone wants to be beautiful with gorgeous long eyelashes. The beauty industry has come an awful long way to helping us achieve that since the famous 1913 Maybelline cake mascara made from coal powder and Vaseline came out.

Having been in this industry for over 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I was there right at the very beginning of the eyelash explosion. I brought eyelash perming, which is now eyelash lifting, to the market in the UK followed by eyelash extensions. I know everyone says that, but I can tell you that it really was me! I was flattered that everyone else thought it was so good, they followed with vigour and enthusiasm.

At the time of the eyelash revolution, botox and fillers were getting big. I have to say that botox and fillers have come on a long way too. Do you remember those weird dropped eyebrows and ‘ducks bottom’ lips?   Thank the lord that the aesthetic industry has learned how to be more subtle.

I feel that it is vital to pay attention to your diet and stress levels if you want to be beautiful and I love David Wolfe’s book, Eating for Beauty where he shares how to draw out the inner beauty through health and well being. It’s a good one to have in your salon waiting room.

My view of ‘real beauty’ is one of ‘natural enhancement’ so you look healthy and not over done. Makeup should cleverly bring out the best in you and not be plastered or caked on. There are plenty of fabulous ‘natural’ foundations available to smooth out any impurities on the skin to give it a fresher look. Long eyelashes, nice eyebrows that frame the face and a swipe of lip gloss should have most people looking beautiful.

Health has to be the very first step and I think it is a good conversation to have with our clients. We should be encouraging our clients to eat well and reduce their stress levels, as someone who is eating junk and stressed out will not be beautiful however much botox or eyelashes they have.

The next conversation will be how to enhance their beauty and we all know that eyelashes make a huge difference. Without a doubt longer eyelashes make the eyes look bigger and more youthful and feminine, so you should never have trouble selling eyelashes to your clients. Try selling the benefits of having lashes more than the features, ie a conversation like “with lash extensions, your eyes will look bigger and more youthful” rather than “there are many types and lengths of lashes that could suit you”.

You should also practice what you preach, so make sure you feel great yourself and your own lashes look good.. that, in itself, will sell, sell, sell.

Enjoy being more healthy and beautiful!