When you do eyelash extension treatments in the salon and send the client hopping and skipping down the street because they feel sooooo great having long lashes, don’t forget the aftercare advice!

You don’t want the client going home, smothering her new eyelash extensions with any old mascara and soaking her make up off after her night out with some paint stripper type makeup removers!!!

Let’s go back a step…the consultation. During the consultation you are going to be assessing what type of lashes the client has, and what would be suitable for her. Remember, if her lashes are blond, if you put .25mm black lash extensions on without tinting her lashes first, she will be disappointed! It will not look right, and the first thing she will do is cake on the mascara to cover up the blond roots.

You need to remind clients that putting mascara on lash extensions is not like putting mascara on natural lashes, you do not sweep the mascara on from the root, you simply coat from the middle to the end. If the client tries to get mascara on from the root, it will start caking at the edge of the lash extensions giving the appearance of a nice gloopy mess! A light coating of mascara will enhance the lashes for sure, but caking mascara on from the root will not be a pretty sight.  So remember to educate your clients on what to do at home. These fundamentals you certainly must not forget!:

It’s easy to forget these little gems, but they are vital if you want satisfied clients that keep coming back!!!