The modern name for an Eyelash Perm is Eyelash Lifting which we are using as it is a little more client friendly, but which ever way you look at it, it is a eyelash perm, because the actual process is called perming!  In order to lift the eyelashes permanently, you need to change the structure of the hair with a perming solution,  then set the new structure with a setting solution.

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, I took a leap of faith and went in feet first and launched eyelash perming at what was then the biggest beauty show in London, Olympia.  I had a tiny stand upstairs while all the big boys where downstairs with all their flash, enormous stands.  However, everyone was upstairs around my stand…I was absolutely swamped churning out about 30 eyelash perms in one day, single handed!!…..Soon after that I was hounded by all the top glossies without a penny spent on PR, that was when I realised I was on to something good.
I never looked back.

Eyelash perming was on the map and I started running round the country training eyelash therapists and very quickly I had a team of trainers brushing up the skills of hundreds of therapists in eyelash perming.  You know when you are on to something good because everyone copies you. The problem was that the product my competitors were using was not very effective and although most of the colleges took it because it was cheap, it had a very negative effect on the treatment. Now colleges are not even keen to offer it because they don’t think it works. The reason it did not work well was because of the watered down product and budget training; Like lash extensions, the training needs to be thorough and cannot be done in half a day which I often see at various training establishments.

Let me tell you…IT WORKS, it is a fantastic treatment and alternative to eyelash extensions.  Yes, eyelash extensions are amazing, of course they are, all the celebrities wear them, but they are not suitable for everyone and to have a choice of eyelash enhancing treatments in your salon is a must. If you don’t you are completely missing out. (click here to find out more about training)

When I had a salon, all my clients were hooked, and because I was so passionate, I had absolutely no problem whatsoever selling the treatment, all I had say was “I would love to perm your eyelashes, I KNOW you will love it….in fact if you don’t, you don’t have to pay me” that was enough…If you have a good relationship with your clients and they trust you, provided they can afford it, they will have or do what you recommend.

Here’s some history on the eyelash perm (lift!)

Looking forward to helping you make sure your lashpreneur’s toolkit is complete!!!

Love and best wishes