Good question…Well, as we have said before, eyebrows are key to transforming the way your clients look and shame on your if you are sending them out, having done their lashes with messy eyebrows or worse no eyebrows!!!  To balance the look, you must do the eyebrows.  If you look at Rebecca Shaw in this video, look at her make up.  Why does it look so good? Why does she look so well groomed?  Imagine if her eyebrows were wishy washy with that lovely dark hair and bold neckless.  The important thing is balance.  Now watch how she does her client.  She doesn’t give her client eyebrows like hers, she takes into consideration her client’s personal look.  The client has a much more subtle energy around her, the colour of her hair, the way she is dressed, and you can see that she is a little shy.  Rebecca takes all this into account and gives her the perfect brow: groomed, shaped, enhanced and finished!!!….and it transforms her, she looks brighter and more confident in an instant, and its all down to the brows!

You might have seen our eyebrow kits, but if you have not, you might want to check them out as we have some fabulous eyebrow stencils in there.  Makeup artist, Rebecca Shaw is a great fan of eyebrow stencils, and if you click the video she will explain how and why she is using them.

Eyebrow stencils are a great way to really get colour into the eyebrow with out making a mess, but also if your client has got very little eyebrow if will help enormously to create a good shape.  Once you have created the brow, finishing them off with wax or mouse is a must. (of course our brow kits have a fabulous brow finishing mouse in there!!)

Love and best wishes